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Personal Trainers World, PTW, offers you isolated and specifically tailored programs designed for YOUR NEEDS. You’ll see results quickly! Regular fitness assessments are offered along with professional nutrition advice. Working alongside an experienced trainer, you will undertake a regular program of activity in the knowledge that you are working in the safest and most effective manner. If fitness training has not been successful in the past, and you now lack motivation to do it yourself, a personal trainer could be just what you need! PTW can help you identify your health and fitness goals, and will help you achieve them using activities suited for you. 

PTW Training Techniques consist of-


Enhance Balance


Increase greater range of motion 

Core Training
Abs and Lower Back





- Body Composition


- KORR V02 Test

- Nutritional Guidance


To provide a clean, friendly atmosphere with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff focused on helping you achieve your goals and objectives.


Get Inspired by Real People



Jeff R. is 132 pounds down and still going.
Great Job Jeff!
I've had a stable fitness plan my entire life. I realized that as I age it wasn't enough or something was missing. I met and began training with Richard Carey in June 2012; he taught me that my mind and body working together can achieve great things. I say it this way because your body is only as capable as your mind allows it.  His positive approach builds your confidence so that you maximize your potential regardless of your age. I no longer think about age, but rather what I can do. Your goals are his goals and together you succeed as a team. Richard and his staff are some of the best people I've come to know. It's a complete experience.

Can not say enough about PTW. The staff, facility, friendships and overall better health as well as how I feel is exceptional.

I have gained knowledge and discipline not to mention training here makes me want more for myself by way of changing my lifestyle.


PTW has helped me so much with my athletics. I wouldn't be able to play football the way I do without it. My confidence level has increased so much because of the great work and great atmosphere in the gym. It's a night and day difference from before, I don't know where I'd be without PTW.

I have found PTW to offer tremendous versatility, discipline, and professionalism. My trainer has great knowledge of body mechanics and muscle function and is very capable of determining my individual abilities and goals. Most importantly, the positive energy and friendliness of the training team is graded an A+. Prior to coming to PTW, I had a sedentary lifestyle. No more! I look forward to my training sessions and feel ten times better since starting my new lifestyle. 

Training: 2-3 days a week

Pounds lost: 14

Current Benefits: 

Better Flexibility, Improved strength & endurance, Firmer body composition


As an athlete,  I have gained confidence knowing that most people are not doing what I am doing. Training at PTW has helped my cardiovascular endurance. In addition to that, I've improved my speed and change of direction on the field, which helps when it comes to the 4th quarter of a football game.

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