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PTW's athlete program is designed to improve the physical development for youth at all athletic levels and sports.


Youth development is essential to the future of athletes in all sports. At PTW we pride ourselves in the advancement of youth in athletics and education. Ranging from the beginner athlete to the elite athlete, we train youth as young as 8 years old. Children not only want to be active, they also want to be taught how to be active! Our focus in development includes injury prevention, speed training, and agility and skills training.


Because of the vast array of athletes we can train, we are able to offer a variety of training programs specific to the athlete's sport. PTW can take an athlete from the Junior Varsity to the top of the Varsity team. In the case of continuing education and athletics, we can take a Varsity player to a prospective college athlete and eventually to a professional athlete. 





Like most athletes, you undoubtedly want to lower your chances of incurring an injury while participating in your favorite sport. Injuries decrease the amount of time you can spend in leisure activities, lower your fitness, and can lead to long term health problems such as arthritis. These injuries can be prevented by understanding the importance of the following:


  • A good night's sleep

  • Proper eating habits

  • Proper equipment (shoes, socks)

  • Stretching before and after exercise

  • Continually hydrating the body with water!

One of the challenges of individual athletes and coaches is to recognize that speed is a physical attribute that can be enhanced through proper preparation in any athlete at any age.

In the past, speed training focused on increasing an athlete’s muscle and power. The assumption was that the stronger the athlete, the faster the athlete. Today, speed training not only includes muscle and power, but it also incorporates a number of activities that include developing an athlete’s reaction time, acceleration, and the transition from acceleration to maximum speed. Along with speed training is skills & agility training.

These exercises include jumping ability, balance and stabilization, cutting and change of direction skills, acceleration, body control and lateral movement. All of these are involved in many sports, but PTW can customize a program specific to the young athlete's needs.

 NFL & Collegiate Combine Training     

Preparing a collegiate athlete for the most important test of their life has many components of study and preparation. Although we may work with these athletes on form, mechanics, and tips that may give them advantages for greater success, a certain level of physicality or strength must be maintained or improved to help maximize their chances of success at the Combine or Pro Day.

We provide state-of-the-art training to improve an athlete's NFL Combine Performance.


The first step toward achieving REAL gains in athletic performance starts with a truly accurate assessment of an athlete’s physical condition and Combine event ability. Our expert trainers are uniquely qualified and make use of the latest technical research to make such an evaluation possible. 
NFL Combine Training consists of:








(I Test)



40 Yard


225 Bench





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